Become a Real Wellness Advocate

Why become an Advocate for Real Wellness?

Buddha said anything can be medicine for you if you use it at the right time and the right place. And anything can be poison for you if you use it at the wrong time and the wrong place.

At Real Wellness, we’ve created our own definition of “medicine” – and by this we mean the methods we choose expecting to be connected back to our natural state of well-being and vitality.

We believe, for instance, that a sound bath can be strong medicine. So too with a really good hug. Herbs can of course also be an astoundingly powerful medicine, when skillfully and consciously formulated.

As an RW advocate, prepare to enter a world where you become an important access point between your friends/family/community and a potent energetic medicine that will make a profound and lasting impact on many who try it. It is a significant role to play.

The ultimate mission of this program is to re-create the scene that inspired co-founders Ricky Williams and Linnea Miron to develop the Real Wellness holistic community lifestyle brand in 2017. After watching their curated formulas yield quick, dramatic results with their loved ones, Ricky and Linnea were hooked on unlocking energy in others, and in themselves in the process.

Participating in the expansion of energy in another, especially someone to whom you are deeply connected, is up there as one of the most fulfilling, thrilling experiences a human can have.

We also sense that the greatest act that any of us can engage in is one of service towards ameliorating the suffering of another. And at RW, we have moved beyond the archaic belief that these acts of service can not or should not also be financially rewarding for the ones who perform them.

As an RW advocate, when members of your tribe try RW formulas that you’ve introduced to them, you step into an instant income stream with unlimited growth potential.

At Real Wellness, the name of the game is self-actualization for everyone involved. No exceptions. And on every level imaginable.