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About Real Wellness

Real Wellness Herbal (RW) is one of the first companies of its kind to blend traditional herbalism with hemp to treat modern maladies in a more effective, holistic way. If you are attracted to practicing a holistic lifestyle and find joy in paving the road for others to do the same, you are already aligned with the RW family.

How it works

Leading the way to a natural approach to everyday wellness for your followers and friends is rewarding in itself. What makes advocating for Real Wellness different is that we offer a lifetime of 10% commission on all sales made by your social and website traffic. Become an advocate today and start making a 10% commission right away. All you need is a social media presence, website, or customer list to begin sharing the wellness and bringing in a healthy commission. In addition, RW will provide advocates with a 20% coupon code to encourage sales of new customers.

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