Advocate FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us here with any questions.

What is each sale worth?

You’ll receive a 10% commission on every sale made using your advocate link or coupon code. When a customer returns to make another purchase on, you, as the advocate, will continue to receive a lifetime commission on all purchases by the customer. You are connected to your lifetime customers by their email address. Our products are currently priced between $55-$75. Most sales include at least two products.

When and how do I get paid my commission?

We follow a monthly payout schedule for advocates. Payments will be made using Please make sure your payment email is up to date. We will send you an email invitation to join Real Wellness on You will enter in the bank account information where you would like your payments to be electronically sent. A minimum of $25 in earned commissions is required to generate a payout.

How do I share on Social Media?

Your unique RW Advocate URL and coupon code will be visible in your Advocate portal. Paste your unique URL and coupon code, along with a personal message and post across your social media channels. Add your unique URL and coupon code in your bio on Instagram for increased sales. Feel free to grab images from the Creatives section or create your own!

How do I send my website visitors to you?

Begin by logging into your advocate account and choose the premade creatives you want to use. We’ll provide a ready-to-use piece of code that you can work into the layout of your website.

Is the Real Wellness Advocate Program an MLM?

RW is not structured as a multi-level marketing company. All commissions are based on actual sales from customers referred by you to our website; they are not tied to so-called down line distributors.

How do I see my earnings?

We offer real time sales numbers. Simply log into the advocate area.
You can choose to have an email notification sent to you every time you generate a sale.