Our Story

Transformation Rooted in Flexibility

Our story begins decades ago with co-founder, former NFL player and “Heisman Healer” Ricky Williams. It is the hero’s journey of a lone man who, in the face of great adversity and societal pressures, trusted “the crazy voice within” to expand his personal horizons and push beyond the constraints of Western medicine in his search for relief from the built-up physical and emotional traumas of his stressful lifestyle as an elite football player in America. He found relief — and the bonus prize of real healing — in potent plants like cannabis. Awestruck, he enrolled in school and learned that herbs address the “root cause” of the condition, not surface symptoms alone. His devotion to plant life flourished as he discovered that time and again herbs proved themselves to be simpler, cheaper, less addictive, less dangerous health care alternatives to chemical compounds.
Yet as Ricky was realizing that deep, empowering spiritual healing can occur through cannabis, his use became public during a time of collective confusion and intolerance of the plant. His iconic NFL career was disrupted in abrupt and punitive fashion. (Some might say, to be “made an example of”, dissuading others from following his lead.) Scolded and shamed for his choices, he embarked on a quest into the dark to make sense of it all and find truth within himself. Fifteen years later, Ricky emerged transformed from his searching with precious wisdom that has propelled him into the next chapter of his life: as perpetual student, as sought-after holistic healer, as entrepreneur of a cutting-edge healthcare company, as a living legend in America’s exploding cannabis industry, and as a rising star in the global wellness movement of which it is a part.

Real Wellness Co-founder, CEO and business attorney Linnea Miron’s journey dovetailed with Ricky’s when they came together in 2016 to begin their ground-breaking experiments of upgrading tried-and-true, traditional herbal blends with the newly-accessible, highly-anticipated herb cannabis sativa. (Linnea was, after all, named after Carl Linnaeus, the 18th century botanist who gave the plant its formal name, now mainstream.) Ricky and Linnea’s concoctions were a labor of care in response to the growing number of loved ones desperately seeking non-pharma meds for their pain, sleep, anxiety and other common conditions. Using innovative delivery methods that especially appealed to women and elders, their optimized formulas quickly and easily enhanced the quality of life of those who tried them. Catalyzed by one successful healing story after another, Linnea left her lucrative fifteen-year career in Big Law (where she also served as the longtime canna-therapist of her downtown LA office, a position she was sad to leave). Since its inception in 2017, Real Wellness has grown into a comprehensive program that is shaping and guiding the healthcare landscape in America towards greater inclusion of root cause plant medicine and most importantly, its empowering side effects on the human experience.

Discover how Real Wellness can complement your life and empower you to become healthier and stronger, more focused and more alive, from the inside-out. We’re honored to be a part of your uniquely personal healing journey.

Create a flexible and active lifestyle for yourself, and bask in the warmth of the journey towards self-healing.