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1000mg of Full-Spectrum Hemp + 6 Energizing Herbs

We’re bringing flexy back. The base: an ancient Chinese martial artists’ flexibility formula of six herbs known for their abilities to relax cramps, soothe spasms, and release dormant energy stored by the body. Toss in one of the highest concentrations of hemp on the market, and you’ve got a next-level daily energy tonic for the modern day householder. Our 7-in-1 Optimize tonic supports the experience of flow state in our everyday lives.


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3 reviews for Optimize Hemp Tonic Bulk | Buy 7 get 3 FREE

  1. Shelley Gaines

    I am using the Optimize tonic and absolutely love it! It is helping me with my chronic pain issues and I have been able to reduce my prescription medications since I have started using it, which has been the best benefit. Thank you for making such a superior product. The Serenity tonic is also nice, I use a little in the evening for relaxation.

  2. Rene Rodriguez

    I’ve been using the optimize for over 1.5 years. Before I started taking it daily, I would have back spasms that would affect my daily activities nearly monthly but since taking the optimize I’ve had maybe 2 in 18 months.

  3. Sherri

    I have tried other tonics that are similar, but none come close to the health benefits of Optimize. It helps me with chronic inflammation and stress on a daily basis.

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