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1000mg of Full-Spectrum Hemp + 6 Energizing Herbs

We’re bringing flexy back. The base: an ancient Chinese martial artists’ flexibility formula of six herbs known for their abilities to relax cramps, soothe spasms, and release dormant energy stored by the body. Toss in one of the highest concentrations of hemp on the market, and you’ve got a next-level daily energy tonic for the modern day householder. Our 7-in-1 Optimize tonic supports the experience of flow state in our everyday lives.


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Ingredients: 1000mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, cinnamon bark, hook vine, licorice, quince, turmeric and white peony.


Tonics are a simple way to incorporate cannabis into daily wellness routines. We recommend starting with a small dose of .5 ml (a half dropper) under your tongue. Over time, you can work your way up to 1 ml (a full dropper). Because tonics are known for their ability to assist with issues over extended periods of time, we recommend slowly building up to 2-4 doses per day to maintain a consistent level of tonic in your system.

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9 reviews for Optimize Hemp Tonic

  1. Shelley Gaines

    This is the best product! It has worked well for my chronic pain program and I have been able to discontinue other medications since I have started using this product. I am so glad I found this product. Thank you!!!

  2. m_nelson08

    I purchased this product for relief of everyday soreness from workouts and I love it! The effects are quick-acting and really helps relax my body. I’ve been able to get deep, quality sleep as well. The taste is surprisingly good with the addition of the cinnamon bark. The packaging is elegant and made with attention to detail – the measuring lines on the dropper are a nice touch. My order was processed and shipped quickly. If you’re on the fence, definitely give it a try! Great product!

  3. Ronald Bryant

    Just ordered

    • Real Wellness

      Thank you for your support Ronald! Let the healing begin.. and let us know how the Optimize Tonic works for you.

  4. Paula Thomas

    I had a an arthritic hip that was causing grinding pain. A hip replacement was the only solution. But while I was waiting for surgery I started using the tonic. It really helped ease the pain and brought it to a tolerable level without resorting to drugs. After surgery I started using the tonic again, with same results: no need for pain meds! My doctor was amazed and very happy too.

  5. pcthomas1

    With a severely painful arthritic hip, I began using the tonic to ease pain until I could have surgery. After surgery I restarted taking the tonic instead of pain meds. My doctor was amazed and as happy with the results as I was. Now the tonic is part of my daily routine while I’m doing rehab and strengthening muscles.

  6. Liz Ishii

    I absolutely love this tonic. I’ve tried many on the market and I swear by this one. I workout at the gym very hard and taking a few drops always eases my aches and helps me recover faster

  7. Kline Nielson

    I have tried 5 or 6 different brands in this space and 100% love this one the best , results, taste and quality is for sure in this product. Would highly recommend.

  8. Jon

    I was hesitant to try at first but glad I finally did. As someone who suffers from severe anxiety and sleep deprivation, this tonic made a huge difference. My anxiety levels seem to have lowered, my blood pressure has definitely dropped too and I am sleeping like a baby.

  9. Elaina Martinez

    I absolutely swear by this product! There are tons on the market, but this is an absolute genius blend. I use it daily. In the past I struggled with some unknown inflammation. I now use this as a part of my daily regime and it has made this biggest difference in my overall health, both physically and mentally!

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