Optimize Hemp Tonic Travel Size


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200mg Hemp (8 doses) Travel Size

Based on Chinese herbalism, this energizing blend warms up the body by increasing blood flow and relaxing muscles. Comprised of one of the highest concentrations of Hemp available on the market, it includes six herbs known for their various abilities to stimulate blood flow, soothe spasms, and nourish tendons. Use it to encourage a relaxed mental and physical focus for any task at-hand, including workouts!

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Ingredients: 1000mg of CBD, cinnamon bark, hook vine, licorice, quince, turmeric and white peony.


Tonics are a simple way to incorporate cannabis into daily wellness routines. We recommend starting with a small dose of .5 ml (a half dropper) under your tongue. Over time, you can work your way up to 1 ml (a full dropper). Because tonics are known for their ability to assist with issues over extended periods of time, we recommend slowly building up to 2-4 doses per day to maintain a consistent level of tonic in your system.

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